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A Classic Fantasy Adventure RPG

REALMS OF PERIL is a classic fantasy role-playing game presented as a pair of jam-packed zines lavishly illustrated by the amazing DC Stow.

Fiction focused
pbta + osr

Simple but powerful d20-based core mechanic that encourage fiction-focused gameplay. Based on World of Dungeons by John Harper (creator of Blades in the Dark). Dice rolls determine not just success and failure, but whether you encounter cost, trouble, or mishap in your actions. Players do most of the dice rolling.

built for west marches campaigns

Created from the ground up for open-persistent gameplay (aka West Marches), focusing on exploration of a sandbox-style hexcrawl map, an "open table" (no set cast of characters or static group of players) and a shared, persistent gameworld (the actions of one set of adventurers leave their mark for future adventurers to see).

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Field Guide

A complete rulebook containing everything you need as a player to learn how to play, create unique adventurers, and advance your characters into powerful movers and shakers in the world.

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Game Master's

An indispensable reference manual for new and seasoned GMs full of clear and concise procedures, enlightening tips,  best-practices, and inspiring content to help every session come alive.

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